Cleanout Service

The bulk of our business is with septic systems. Your septic tank is built to hold a certain capacity of solids and must be monitored to prevent backflow and other potential disasters. That's why you need regular septic cleanout services. Don't wait until it's too late to call and have your septic tank maintained. Contact Stephenson Septic Tank Service today! We also perform septic installations.


Call today for septic cleanout service.
Why do you need regular septic service? The key is in your tank's absorption system. Your tank can handle a large amount of solids, which it filters out of the water that runs through it. But sludge from those solids can build up over time, and too much buildup can lead to clogging and tank failure. But here at Stephenson Septic Tank Service, we can ensure that never happens. Regular septic cleanout will get rid of harmful sludge so that your tank works at maximum efficiency.